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     Interior Architects 49 Limited (IA49) was founded in 1992 by Nithi Sthapitanonda and Architects 49 Limited (A49). Initially an Interior Architecture Department under A49, we were created in response to our clients’ demands for architecture that is not only aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound, but also well-integrated between the interior and the exterior. Established as a separate company in 1998, the experience and expertise gained from working closely with architects and engineers enables our company to foresee any problem that may occur in dealing with architecture, structure, and service systems engineering. We have always been, and continue to be, trusted by clients to provide interior design services for buildings designed by Architects 49 Limited as well as other firms.


Our Approach

Our experience team, a number of which have been with A49 for more than 20 years, ensure the practical and economical aspects of the project, whilst the fresh ideas, from the younger generation, always make their way into the concept stage. The nature of this kind of team approach has long been our hallmark.


Our Work

The diversity of team give us the opportunity to work in a broad range of architecture. On one end, our work can be modern with striking form, whilst on the other end, they can be contemporary, traditional and modern. We approach each project differently and believe that each one should have their own distinctive individuality.